How task templates work

Task templates are linked to the workspace they are created in. So all team members who have access to the workspace can use or edit them. You can add task templates and set the following details:

  • Title

  • Assignee

  • Contacts

  • Tags

  • Description

  • Subtasks

Due dates and comments are not saved in a template.

When adding a new task you can choose to pick a template instead of typing a new task and adding all the details again.

How to create a task template

First, add a task to your workspace and set it up so the contents are explanatory and reusable. To convert a task into a template, open it and click on and choose "Create template" from the menu.

A template task will be shown with a template icon and visible under 'templates' in the menu. If you want to revert the template to a 'normal' task, open the menu again and click 'Remove template'.

Updating templates

You can update an existing template by opening and editing it. The template is also updated by doing so. Changing a template task will override the previous version.

Versions of tasks based on the template already existing in your workspace are not affected.

Copying templates to other workspaces

If you want to copy a template to another workspace you can follow these steps:

  • make a task from the desired template

  • open the task

  • update the workspace

  • turn the task into a template

Your template has now been copied to another workspace. By moving the template, you check who has access to the workspaces and which data is transferred.

RogerRoger offers team inbox and project management, so two options exist to add a task from a template.

Use a template to add a task to an email

To speed up your workflow within the inbox, use templates to assign tasks to yourself or a teammate. Templates are especially handy with repetitive tasks. To use a template, click the "template" icon to the right of the "+ add task" text at the bottom of every email.

Select the desired workspace to place the task in. A list of available templates will show. Click one and fill in and update the title if necessary. Make sure to double-check the following data to prevent tasks from ending up in the wrong place:

  • check workspace

  • check assignee

  • check due date (due dates are not saved in templates)

Use a template to add a task to a workspace.

To add a template to a workspace, click the "template" icon to the right of the "+ add task" text at the bottom of every column or section. A list of the saved templates pops up and lets you choose the desired template.

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