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Lets get you up and running with RogerRoger

Welcome to RogerRoger! If you are considering signing up or already have done that, here's the guide to getting started!

1️⃣ What is RogerRoger?

RogerRoger is a crossover between a shared inbox and project management. Built to simplify how email-focused teams get work done, it offers email collaboration, tasks, and projects in one place.

2️⃣ Set up your team workspace

The first person to register your company becomes the company admin, who can manage team workspaces (or invite teammates to help). Here's how to set up your team workspace:

Note: It is not possible to combine multiple RogerRoger instances.

3️⃣ Invite your teammates

Admins can invite teammates at any time. Having your teammates around is one of the best parts about RogerRoger! Here is how to add and manage them:

4️⃣ Start collaborating

Now that you have your first team workspace set up and your teammates are on board, you can finally work together! Some of our most popular collaboration features:

5️⃣ Set up a private workspace

If your plan allows it teammates can add their private workspace. There are a ton of features you can take advantage of to optimize your productivity and workflows:

6️⃣ Build workflows to optimize work

RogerRoger combines the powerful features of a shared inbox with some of the best task and project management tools around. A workflow is a specific flow to structure your work, think of it as steps you take to get from A to B. Here are some features you can use inside a workspace:

  • Recurrence

  • Deadlines

  • Templates

  • Filters

  • Teammates

  • Archiving

  • Tags

If you have questions, email [email protected] and we'll be happy to help!


Please visit our pricing page for information on the features included in your RogerRoger plan.

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